WINS-Warning Information Notification System

The St. Clair County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, in conjunction with county and local agencies, and selected private entities, has launched a new mass notification service that allows us to alert you.

WINS is a notification system that will allow Public Authorities to notify you in the case of an emergency situation such as Tornado, Sever Weather, Evacuations or other emergency situations that effect life and safety.

In addition to Emergency Notices you can “opt-in” to receive information on non-emergency situations from a variety of entities, including Fort Gratiot Township and many other St. Clair County municipalities, law enforcement, fire departments, health departments, schools, and select private/non-profit entities with a need to quickly disseminate information to the public.

Because the information will be targeted to your specific area, it is recommended that you sign up for every location that is important to you.  Examples of locations could be: Home, Work, Schools, Family Members Homes, etc.

How It Works
When we issue a notification about a potential safety hazard or concern, you will receive a message on the voice (landline or cell phone) or text communication (text or email) methods that you have registered. If requested for the notification, you can confirm that you have received the message and you will not be contacted by any subsequent methods regarding that particular notification. If you do not confirm, the system will continue to attempt to reach you at all of the contact paths that you have registered. Non-Emergency notifications are based on your choices. You must choose to be notified on issues that are not a threat to your health or safety.

Sign up for Notifications
Create an account and add your contact and location information into the Mass Notification system. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Change or Stop Receiving Notifications
You can change how you receive notifications, which notifications you receive or stop receiving any or all notifications at any time by changing in or removing from your profile your contact information.

Already registered? Click here to login to WINS

New to the system? Click here to sign up for WINS You will need access to a computer to get setup. If you are or someone you know is interested in the program that does not have access to the internet and/or needs assistance with the setup, you can make an appointment to come to the Township by calling Supervisor Jorja Baldwin at (810) 385-4489 x1100. During the appointment you will be guided through the setup process on our secure network. Your information is not stored with us and is not shared or sold. This system does not replace the other methods of emergency notifications such as TV, radio, internet and social media; this is in addition to, and expands the notifications to non-emergency, household related reminders and information.

Category Name Examples of Notifications
Assessing Office Dates & deadlines for assessing items, boards of review, dates and times our assessing staff will be in an area
Boards & Commissions News Board of Trustees, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Parks Commission meetings held/cancelled
Cemetery When decorations can be placed and removed
Elections Dates and deadlines: primary, general, special elections, deadlines to register, file, hours, absentee updates
Events Cruise weekend, movie nights, Scarecrow Saturday
Fire and Public Safety Fire Department events, notices, burning permit reminders, fire hydrant clearing reminders
Ordinance Reminders Tall grass, snow removal, RV parking season reminders
Parks & Recreation Beach closures, parks & ice rink open/close, bike path events, kayak launch install/remove
Public Works Hydrant flushing/maintenance, water main breaks, sewer lift station issues due to power outages
Supervisor’s Office General township news, office closures, press releases
Taxes and Utility Billing Dog licenses available, taxes sent out, due date reminders, office open late
Trash/Yard Waste/Recycling Delays, yard waste season begin/end reminders