Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

NEW FOR 2016: Fort Gratiot Township contracts with Marcotte Disposal for Township wide weekly trash pickup, weekly recycling and seasonal (April-November) weekly yard waste removal. The 2016 cost to residential homes for these services is $150.00 and will be charged on the December 2015 tax bill (Itemized Line 20-REFUSE.)  2016 rates included no increases from Marcotte, plus we had an unanticipated surplus in 2015. The surplus was due to the recycling program gaining more participants meaning we took less to the landfill, and lower fuel costs. We paid an average of $3.74 per gallon in 2014 and $2.66 in 2015. Therefore, we were able to reduce the 2016 assessment by $1.21 and add weekly recycling pick up. Our hope is that with more recycling participation, our landfill fees will be reduced even more, which may create an opportunity to reduce the assessment again in 2016 for 2017.

Fort Gratiot Township contracts with Marcotte Disposal for Township wide weekly trash pickup, weekly recycling and seasonal weekly yard waste removal. The 2016 service cost for residential homes for these services is $150 and was charged on the December 2015 tax bill (Itemized Line 20-REFUSE.) The rates are reviewed annually and periodically adjustments are made to reflect things such as fuel surcharges. (The 2015 rate of $151.21 included no increases from Marcotte, but did include an increase due to an increase adopted by the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners for landfill disposal. SCC raised the tipping fee from $19.50 per ton to $25.86 per ton effective 01/2015.)

Most questions, specifically service related day-to-day concerns, should be directed directly to Marcotte at (810) 985-9818. The drivers, routes, and other services are handled directly by Marcotte Dispatch. However, we are able to answer some of the questions too, so also feel free to call our office at (810) 385-4489.

Residents are responsible for obtaining their own bags and/or containers for all programs. Trash, recycling and yard waste pickup will be on the same day but may come at a different time of day. All items must be placed by the road by 7AM on your scheduled day to ensure collection. Items should be placed out no earlier than 7PM the night before your scheduled day. Routes are subject to change, so even if your pickup is generally later in the day, there could be a day that your pickup is earlier. To be safe, please have everything out by 7 AM. Remember – from the road view, keep your Recycling on the Right and separated from your trash. This helps eliminate any confusion between recyclables and trash.

What holidays will effect recycling, trash and yard waste pickup?
Pickup delayed one day for the following holidays:
Memorial Day, 05/29/2017
Independence Day, 07/03/2017
Labor Day 09/04/2017
*New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas pickups are not affected in 2016

We will run one day late when a holiday falls on your trash day or before, i.e. Monday holidays such as Memorial Day will always delay our pickup one day. Marcotte’s observed holidays are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If the holiday falls on a weekend, nothing changes. Other delays may occur if the Smiths Creek Landfill closes for issues such as weather and these announcements will be posted on the homepage of this website and our Facebook page. We also contact the Port Huron Times Herald, WSAQ FM 107.1, WBTI FM 96.9, WGRT FM 102.3 and WPHM AM 1380 who may also give updates. Because Fort Gratiot’s pickup days are Tuesday and Wednesday, we will always be delayed for Memorial Day and Labor Day, we will never be delayed due to Thanksgiving Day, and New Years Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day will always depend on what day of the week the holiday falls year to year.

Bulk and Metal Item Pickup
One bulk item is permitted per household per week. Bulk items include household furniture, such as mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs, tables, etc., and will be picked up during regularly scheduled trash pickups. Metal items are picked up on Tuesdays only, and must be called into Marcotte no later than 3PM Monday. Freon items must be tagged for pickup. Contact Marcotte at (810) 985-9818 for more details or to schedule a pickup.

Yard Waste *Weekly, Mid-April through and including the last week of November only*
In 2016, pickup will begin April 12th and April 13th and will end November 29th and 30th. Yard waste must be in compostable paper bags (no plastic bags) or 33 gallon cans with no lids marked with an X. All branches must be tied and bundled with string or twine, and can be no longer than 3″ in diameter. There is a maximum of 10 cans or bags per pickup.

Household Trash *Weekly, January through December*
All trash must be in trash bags or 30 gallon trash containers with a maximum 10 bags or cans per pickup. Items considered unacceptable for pickup include tires, building materials, shingles, brick, concrete, stone, ceiling tile, freon, animal carcasses or waste and human waste. Every effort should be made to keep your trash contained when it is out by the road, both for your neighbors and the Marcotte employee. Piles of trash not in bags or containers may not be picked up. If you keep your trash containers outside, please be considerate of your direct neighbors. In the hotter weather, the smell can be overwhelming. Also be sure your containers are fastened tight to keep out animals and prevent the trash from being blown out from high winds.

Recycling *Weekly, January through December*
Recyclables can be put in your container all together without being sorted, with cardboard bundled on the side. Acceptable containers include clear plastic bags or in a bin with no lid. This can be a storage type tote or the bin specifically printed with the “recycle” logo. These can be purchased at most home improvement stores. There is currently no limit on the number of bins/bags for recycling.

Click Here for Examples of Acceptable Recycle Containers

Acceptable Items
Aluminum Cans – Empty & Rinsed
Cardboard – Flattened, Cut Into Pieces
Clear Glass – Empty & Rinsed, Clear Glass Only
Household Plastic – Grocery Bags
Junk Mail – Envelopes, Brochures, Postcards, Etc.
Magazines & Catalogues – All Types & Sizes
Newspaper – Remove Bags, Strings & Rubber Bands
Office Paper – All Types & Sizes
Paper Bags
Paperboard – No Wax Coated Paperboard
Phone Books – All Types & Sizes
Plastic Jugs/Bottles – #1 – 6, Empty & Rinsed
Steel & Tin Cans – Empty & Rinsed

Unacceptable Items
Chemicals – dry or liquid
Compost food waste
Electrical cords
Flammable liquids
Garden hose/rubber
Household cleaners
Medical waste (syringes/needles)
Paint cans
Paper milk/juice cartons
Pizza boxes
Propane tanks
Styrofoam containers/packing
Wax-Coated milk/juice cartons
Wood items