Birchwood Mall Study

On April 30, 2018, MSU students Kealan Millies-Lucke, Zachary Sompels, Justin Quagliata, and Meredith Nelson presented a study of Birchwood Mall with a three phase plan for redevelopment.

Below is the full report and the slide show that was presented on Monday, April 30, 2018, to over fifty community stakeholders. The study was not only well received, it created some excitement about all of the potential Birchwood Mall has as it enters a new era of regional mall uses. We could really get used to the term “lifestyle center” and we think our community would, too.

Birchwood Mall Presentation 04-30-2018

MSU Birchwood Mall Final Report

We are very grateful to Kealan, Meredith, Justin and Zachary for their valuable contributions, many hours of effort and research, due diligence and thoughtful contributions toward the success of the Fort Gratiot Birchwood Mall Planning Practicum Study through the Michigan State University School of Planning, Design and Construction, and in collaboration with Fort Gratiot Charter Township, St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning, and the St. Clair County Economic Development Alliance. coverage: MSU Students Present a Vision Plan for Birchwood Mall

Community Partners
Economic Development Alliance

SCC Metropolitan Planning

Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce

Blue Meets Green


In collaboration with the EDA, we are announcing that the recently vacated Macy’s department store in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, located within the 800,000 sq.ft.- footprint of Birchwood Mall,  is going to auction on June 20, 2018.  This commercial space located in the commercial corridor of St. Clair County will be offered at an incredible starting auction price of $250K, for one of the newer buildings on the property (built in 1996) of Birchwood Mall.  We have learned that a Macy’s just sold at a similar auction (in a larger retail market) for $400K.

We would like to market this valuable commercial piece (and pending auction) to investors, developers and community stakeholders who may be interested in the space for the following desired developments:

  • Micro Apartments/Housing (ability to build up to 2nd floor would provide lake views
  • Hotel (with or without a water feature)
  • Premiere Sports Complex (for area soccer, lacrosse and volleyball teams desperately needing practice/tournament space)
  • Replacement Retail Tenant
  • Entertainment Venue (such as a Dave & Busters, CJ Barrymores, etc)
  • Headquarters/Office (similar to the 1,800 Ford employees that moved into a vacant Lord & Taylor at Fairlaine Mall)

The links, above, are to a recent presentation by Michigan State University regarding Birchwood Mall.

During this presentation, it was made clear that malls are not in fact dying, but evolving.   This large big box space holds tremendous development and income opportunity for the buyer, but can also play a tremendous part of enhancing the mall to evolve into a mixed-use development in the near future.   Those with a serious interest in the property are encouraged to reach out to the broker, Fort Gratiot Township or the Economic Development Alliance.

Macy’s Birchwood Mall CBRE Profile June, 2018

Macy’s Appraisal 05-11-2018

Macy’s 2017 Real Property Taxes

Macy’s 2017 Personal Property Taxes

Record Card Macy’s

Valuation Report Macy’s