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Robert C. Crawford


Email: [email protected]

(810) 385-4489, ext. 1104

Office of the Clerk

Vicki Ostrander – Deputy Clerk
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Phone: (810) 385-4489 x1103

David Jewell – Accountant/Cemetery
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Phone: (810) 385-4489 x1102

Robert C. Crawford was elected as a Trustee to the Charter Township of Fort Gratiot Board of Trustees in the November 1992 General Election, was elected Fort Gratiot Township Clerk in November 2002 General Election, and re-elected in the 2004 and 2008 General Election.

Rob’s responsibilities as Township Clerk are numerous, technical, and essential to the operation of the township government. These responsibilities include serving as a voting member of the Board of Trustees, retention of township records, including ordinances and resolutions, accounts payable, sales of cemetery plots and scheduling funerals, financial reports, budget preparation and status reports, election administration, including conducting elections and training of election inspectors and voter registration, and administering and recording oath of offices to appointed and elected officials of the Township.

The State of Michigan has certified Rob as, an Elections Official; qualified to conduct municipal elections in the State of Michigan and Elections Inspector Training Coordinator. He is also an appointed Notary Public by the Secretary of State.

The Fort Gratiot Township Clerk also has human resource responsibilities as administrator of Township employee benefits plans, including health Insurance, short term disability/life insurances, retirement benefits including 401 and 457 Deferred Compensation Plans and Worker Compensation. Property and Liability insurance policies also are under the administration of the Fort Gratiot Clerk.

Fort Gratiot Business Licenses are also under the administration of the Clerk’s Department, with more than a 1,000 businesses within the Township.

Rob Crawford was a member of the Charter Township of Fort Gratiot Zoning Board of Appeals 1994 through January 2006. The Zoning Board of Appeals is the judicial branch of township government. This Board is responsible for interpretation of township ordinances, and hearing zoning variance requests. He was appointed to the Charter Township of Fort Gratiot Planning Commission in February of 2006, and served as Chairperson in 2007 and 2008. The Planning Commission reviews development site plans and zoning ordinances, as well as the Township’s Master Plan.

Working closely with the Fort Gratiot Parks and Recreation Commission, Rob has worked to extend the bike path by applying for grants, and working to acquire easements and additional park property. He headed up the project to build the floating dock on Kettlewell Pond. When asked about being the Township Clerk while building the floating dock replied with a smile “I wasn’t always a clerk.” He has also been spotted mowing and installing benches along the bike path. Seeing people enjoy the bike path and park additions is his reward.

St. Clair County Commissioners awarded Rob Crawford a certificate for completing the Community Planning Course held in September 2003, the first Citizens Planner Course held in St. Clair County. He has since completed additional courses to quality for the Master Citizen Planner certificate as well.

The Michigan Townships Association graduated the first Township Governance Academy class, being the first class of its kind held in the United States on Township Government. This is a voluntary credentialing program designed to provide township Board members the knowledge and skills needed to make effective decisions for the benefit of their Township. Recognizing the unique aspects of township government, Rob enrolled in the TGA to better serve Fort Gratiot Township residents.

Rob Crawford is a member of the St. Clair County Municipal Clerk’s Association, recently elected as the Secretary/Treasurer, and is also a member of the Michigan Municipal Clerk’s Association. He completed courses and attended workshops sponsored by the Michigan Township’s Association, Southeastern Michigan Council of Government, Michigan Secretary of continuing his education and serving the residents of Fort Gratiot Township.

Rob is an officer in the Fort Gratiot Rotary Club. The Rotary performs local community service projects and supports educational scholarships and world wide humanitarian assistance. The Rotary is second in the world after the United Nations in humanitarian aid.

Rob and his wife Barb were married in 1974 and have three adult children, two grandsons, and a granddaughter.

Fort Gratiot Township Clerk, Rob Crawford is available daily during the normal office hours of the Township administrative office. Rob welcomes you to contact him with your questions or concerns by phone, fax, letter, and email or in person.

Election Dates and Voting Precinct Map: Voting Precincts 2012


Core Competencies: The Building Blocks of Township Government
To ensure that all township officials have the opportunity to learn what they need to know to carry out their statutory  duties as well as understand effective township management practices, the Michigan Townships Association  has identified “core competencies.” Essentially, they are the “nuts and bolts” that each of the four elected offices at the township level should know and/or be skilled in to successfully perform their duties.

The list should not be construed as all-inclusive; rather they should be considered an overview of the knowledge and skill sets that an individual should possess. Note that each checklist is dynamic in the sense that it will change over time, adapting to legislation, legal issues, and other factors that impact township government and the responsibilities of the elected official.

The core competencies address two goals: (1) to create a more-informed, better-educated cadre of township officials who are more confident and competent in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as leaders in their communities; and (2) to generate greater effectiveness on the part of local government. Below are the core competencies for the Clerk. Please visit the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Board of Trustees pages to see the core competencies for those positions.

Township Government Operations
~Demonstrates knowledge about township (general law or charter) government responsibilities, functions and powers
~Identifies the major functions of each branch of government—local, state and federal—along with their relationship to one another
~Understands the statutory duties and responsibilities of the office of township clerk
~Aware of the roles and responsibilities of other elected and appointed offices in the township
~Demonstrates knowledge of the various committees, boards and commissions serving the township, including their roles and responsibilities
~Understands how township policies and procedures are set
~Demonstrates knowledge of how ordinances are lawfully adopted and legally enforced

Interpersonal Skills
~Communicates effectively
~Listens attentively
~Works effectively with individuals, departments and committees to achieve desired outcomes
~Possesses knowledge of what constitutes ethical behavior
~Manages adversity and hostility effectively
~Delegates tasks appropriately

Leadership Abilities
~Possesses vision, especially relative to the township’s needs or potential
~Understands how to conduct effective board meetings and is knowledgeable about parliamentary procedure
~Possesses effective policy-making skills and decision-making skills
~Utilizes consensus-building techniques
~Possesses persuasive/influential abilities
~Motivates others to achieve desired outcomes
~Utilizes public relations skills to position the township positively

Administrative Skills
~Possesses knowledge of the communication/noticing needs of the township and devises strategies to assemble and disseminate information to relevant audiences
~Understands the township budget and the clerk’s role in monitoring budget
~Aware of purchasing policies and the bid process
~Demonstrates knowledge of uniform chart of accounts and township accounting practices
~Possesses understanding of personnel administration and human resources matters
~Has ability to transcribe minutes of the proceedings of each township board meeting in an accurate and proper manner
~Understands maintenance of township records, books and papers in accordance with record retention and disposal guidelines
~Possesses knowledge of elections and clerk’s role in overseeing the elections process

Township Issues
~Possesses knowledge about current issues affecting townships
~Aware of legal matters that could impact the township
~Understands the elements of risk management
~Aware of financial matters affecting the township, including revenue sources
~Possesses knowledge about land use
~Understands the planning and zoning process
~Possesses knowledge of township services and their policy implications