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01/10/2017: One year ago to this day was the last major, widespread power outage. Thanks to the DTE team who not only completed the upgrades on time, but also moved another area of tree trimming up to 2016 from 2017, we have only experienced small outages that were caused by weather and a vehicle accident. On January 10, 2017, our area was hit with a windstorm that lasted over 12 hours and saw gusts of up to 55 MPH. What we did not experience was a major power outage. The line size upgrades, looping, and extensive tree trimming has made our area one that will prove as the months pass and weather tests to be power reliable.

04/01/2016: The DTE Fort Gratiot Electric Reliability Program is complete.

03/23/2016 UPDATE OF 03/21/2016: Due to the threat of weather north and west of our area, DTE is postponing the planned outage (Simpson Road, Loton Drive, Lake Drive and Estates Drive) until next week, Wednesday, March 30 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with a rain date of Thursday, March 31 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Customers in this area have been notified by DTE.

03/21/2016 DTE Energy Reliability Upgrade Project Update:
-Construction is now 70 percent complete and much of the new equipment has already been installed.
-A power outage has been scheduled for this week so DTE workers can safely finish a portion of the work. This outage will impact about 125 customers living on Simpson Road, Loton Drive, Lake Drive and Estates Drive. The outage is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with a rain date of Thursday, March 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Letters have already been sent to these customers notifying them about the power outage. DTE will also send these customers an automated reminder call on Monday, March 21.
-Tree trimming is about 95 percent complete in this area.
-Currently, the project is on schedule for completion by March 31. DTE Energy has lost 9 days of work due to inclement weather. Safety is always DTE’s first priority. When rain and snow create unsafe conditions, work must be suspended until the weather clears. The project has stayed on schedule despite these delays because DTE Energy has dedicated additional resources. When the project began, there were 7 DTE crews working in Fort Gratiot. There are now 13 crews. Due to the large number of weather delays, the project schedule is very compressed. Additional rain/snow delays may force DTE to extend the project beyond March 31.

Please be assured that everyone at DTE -from company leaders to field workers -understands that Fort Gratiot is a priority. We will continue working to meet our commitments and providing updates as work progresses.

03/10/2016 DTE Energy Reliability Upgrade Project Update:
-Pre-construction: Design activities are complete and all permits and right of way issues have been resolved.
-Construction: Construction is about 40% complete and is still on track for completion by the end of March. Work crews have lost approximately eight days since the beginning of the project due to inclement weather. DTE is potentially bringing on additional work crews so that we can meet the March 31 deadline.
-Tree trimming: Tree Trim is on schedule. Work is nearly complete in some areas.
-Customer Communication: Short, pre-planned power outages are necessary so that crews can safely complete the equipment upgrades. These outages will impact smaller groups of customers. DTE has already send out communications to these customers indicating that outages will occur. Crews are knocking on doors to give more specific information a day or two before the outages is scheduled. If customers are not at home, crews are leaving a note on their door.
-The team continues to monitor this work very closely to ensure we are on schedule to meet the March 31 project date.

DTE contractors Extreme Power and Kappen Tree Service will be in our area through May, 2016. Below is some information regarding their activities and what you can expect, as well as samples of the letters you may have received or that have been left on your door. If you have questions for DTE and their programs, please call the DTE Fort Gratiot Electric Reliability Hotline at (586) 412-3064, leave your name, contact number and a brief description of your concern so that it can be handled by the appropriate person.

DTE Tree Trim Customer Info 2016_Page_3 DTE Tree Trim Customer Info 2016_Page_4 DTE Tree Trim Customer Info 2016_Page_5 DTE Tree Trim Customer Info 2016_Page_102/08/2016
DTE sent out approximately 6,300 letters, dated February 2, 2016, informing customers of another community meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, at 6:00 PM at the Blue Water Convention Center, 500 Thomas Edison Parkway, Port Huron, Michigan 48060. This meeting will begin with a presentation with a refresher of the information provided at the August 2015, meeting, updates on what has happened since, and what we can expect moving forward. An arborist will present information about tree trimming and planting. Questions will be held until the end, but DTE representatives will be on hand to answer your questions whether in a group setting or individually following the presentation. The last meeting ended with smaller discussions, or breakout sessions, with the presenters allowing you to meet with someone specific to your questions.

Key items will include:
Electric Reliability Program Overview
Completed Construction to Date
In-Progress Construction
Tree Trimming
Questions and Break-Out Sessions will conclude the meeting.

Fort Gratiot Electric Reliability Hotline (586) 412-3064: A hotline has been setup to allow customers to leave their name, address, contact number, and area of concern. Within one business day, a representative with knowledge specific to this area will contact you. *DO NOT USE THIS LINE TO REPORT AND OUTAGE OR EMERGENCY.

Outage or DTE Emergency Center
Toll Free: (800) 477-4747
Web: www.dteenergy.com
Mobile App: Free download available through iTunes and Google Play

Fort Gratiot Township WINS Notification System: If you haven’t already, please sign up on the WINS system

WINS-Warning Information Notification System

and, at a minimum, select Public Works and Supervisor’s Office. The system will contact you by all methods (phone, text, email, other) you sign up with. If you would only like to be contacted by one method, please only enter that information.

Please contact me anytime at [email protected] or in the office at (810) 385-4489 with any questions or concerns.

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01/28/2016, A note from DTE President and CEO, Jerry Norcia:

DTE Norcia 01-28-2016

Today, you may have been visited by the DTE Division of the Michigan Public Service Commission. These gentlemen are following up on the complaints made over the past two days. They may go over tree trimming ideas and give you some insight into yesterday’s power outage. Please give them as much information as you can about the frequent outages, as this is the information that will help DTE with solutions.

Also today I spoke again with the Government Relations Manager for our Region. I am so pleased with how well the conversations have gone! We had an outage on June 19th and the cause was not identified. Some people may have received an email, letter or note on their bill warning of outages within the next nine months or so (depending on the letter date.) These outages will be due to an upgrade to our systems. Our area has recently entered into the DTE Efficient Frontier project: an overhaul of the system that will reduce outages and increase service.

Some of the upgrades include:
-2,800 feet of 4.8 kV distribution lines upgraded to 13.8 kV distribution lines.
-200’ of overhead lines being upgraded and replaced.
-Breaking the distribution lines into smaller sections between shutoffs (similar to our water distribution system) to isolate the problem and reduce the area of the outage. By sectionalizing the distribution, a section may only feed 500 homes instead of 1,500.
-Trimming and removing trees that interfere with the overhead lines. – This is where homeowners can also help. Obviously not all outages can be blamed on trees; however, many homeowners require DTE to trim only around the lines. (You may have seen this; it looks like a tunnel through the foliage of the trees.) If you are planting trees in your yard near electrical lines, please consider the long term growth of that particular tree. Many calls DTE and our fire department get are related to branches or trees that have fallen on a line. If you own trees that are near overhead lines, please consider allowing DTE to trim or remove the tree. No matter how you cut it, trees and overhead power lines will never work well in close proximity.

This project should wrap up by spring, 2016. Throughout the duration, we may experience outages, but the length of the outage should be less. The outage on the 20th is an example of this. There are redundancies built into the system. On Monday, upgrades were being made to a backup line or redundant feed. Unfortunately, after they had already taken the redundant feed down, the main feed had an issue. This left both feeds down until at least one could be restored.

While DTE is hoping outages are few and far between during this project, they have promised to stay in close contact with our office so that we can give updates as often and timely as possible. Between the WINS system, Facebook and our website, we will communicate what we know as soon as we know it. From now on, when an outage hits, I will be contacted on my cell phone by my contact, and our DPW Superintendent will be contacted by our local DTE planning director. We will coordinate whatever is necessary based on the estimated length of the outage (i.e. sewer lift station coverage, warming or cooling stations, charging stations, etc.)

Another 9 months of outages sounds long, but after 30 years of frequent outages, this project should both alleviate the frequency and number of homes affected. I also believe that having a relationship with DTE that will allow us to communicate with the residents better will help the frustration we all feel as soon as that first light flickers. If you haven’t already, please sign up on the WINS system at http://fortgratiottwp.org/wins/ and at a minimum, select Public Works and Supervisor’s Office. Please contact me at [email protected] or (810) 385-4489 with any questions or concerns.